SPOOK'EMS: My Top Ten Favorite Horror Flicks

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Ever since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by horror movies. I remember perusing through the horror VHS section at my local Hollywood Video (RIP), picking up any and all VHS tapes that had interesting covers, and admiring the artwork. This would develop into a special love I have for the horror genre.

Surely there are plenty of terrible horror flicks out there, but there is a large variety of amazing films that you should definitely watch this month. A great horror film portrays palpable fear in the characters that translates to the audience. A great horror film develops poignant themes in which you can find meaning. A great horror film can even have a healthy balance of laughs and screams.

Here are a few that have amazed me over the years. Some you may know already, some you may not. Many of these films influenced more famous horror films not found on this list.